Graduation work 2018: Order and Chaos

This is the work I made for my graduation. You can see this work at the Old Sucarfactory (Oude suikerunie) in Groningen from 23 June till 28 June 2018. 23 June is the opening at 2 am. It is part of the graduation show Headliners. 

Plaster: Apollo and Dionysius

This work I made in my last year of art school. The material is plaster and the forms are as big as candybars. The work is about order and chaos or regularity and irregularity. 

3D printing

These are 3D- printed sculptures. They are inspired by my microscopic pictures (see below). This is work from my fourth year of art school. Year: 2017/2018


Microscopic Pictures

These (I think, really amazing pictures) are pictures made with a microscope. Those are all different things that were under the lens of the microscope. Year: 2016/2017